Laser marking technology is being rapidly implemented worldwide.

There are many reasons for this trend.

Cost and reducing factory inventory logistics is one factor, but there are more. Many countries are regulating packaging and labeling in tight terms.

Traceability is second to none in Food, Aero Space and Pharmaceutical industries where counterfeit product cases are being reported by the media every week.

Laser marking is a neat and clean technology.

No residues, no toxic inks involved in the process.


Laser Marking international distribution

Our software and operating manuals are already available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian and German.

We are willing to produce a custom software language version from a minimum order of only three units. Call or E mail us to discuss your requirements


We are specially interested in the emerging economies, were local and multinational brands are growing with the markets.

Those local brands that are now exporting to other countries and shall comply with foreign marking and labeling regulations.

Our Laser Marking technology is easy to implement, reliable and low maintenance.

We can provide worldwide Laser marking installation services and maintenance training to local firms in order to ensure 100% up time for your production line.